Oscar Wilde's first petition to the Home Secretary (catalogue reference: HO 45/24514 (55))

01 February 2013

The National Archives holds many unique records offering insight into Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) history, and to celebrate LGBT History Month beginning Friday 1 February, we have pulled together some resources to help you explore these records.

Our resources

We have created a podcast page collating a mini-series of talks on LGBT history, including topics such as Oscar Wilde's trial and the scandalous case of the spy John Vassall.

There is also our newly revised research guide on gay and lesbian history to help users explore and mine these often hidden histories held in the archives.

Developing a historical narrative

The National Archives is working to move LGBT history, along with other minority histories, into the mainstream of historical research and debate. Our collection gives an insight into how government interacted with and viewed the LGBT community through history and we are working to connect this with other relevant collections to provide a balanced historical narrative.

We have also contributed to an exhibition which opens on 1 February, by E.G. Crichton, artist in residence at the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Transgender Historical Society in San Francisco, USA. 

For more detail about LGBT history at The National Archives, read our blog

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