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Petition of the crew of the Royal Sovereign to the Admiralty, 12 December 1805

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Catalogue reference: ADM 1/5126 number 53


Evan Napean Esq[ui]re Sec[retar]y Their Right Hon[oura]ble Lords of Admiralty

The Humble Petition of the crew of his majestys Royal Sovereign
Most Respectfully sheweth


That your Petitioners suffered very Severe in the late Action of the 21st of October off Cadiz and also in the Excessive bad weather that ensued And your petitioners would wish to lay before your Lordships a Short Description of the usage your petitioners have received since the action ~ the 21st of Oct[obe]r the day of action, your Lordships Petitioners were Served out no provisions or liquor of any kind not even their Allowance of wine, and also the different Messes Provisions that was left from Other days was entirely destroyed by the enemys Shot, being Stowed in our boats on the booms - Your Lordships Petitioners upon Making Application rec[eive]d their All[owan]ce of wine for the S[ai]d 21st at half a pint p[e]r day - your Lordships petitioners now having by the Mercy and assistance of the Almighty god, survived the action and the Gale. arrived safe into harbour. in expectation of receiving a little Indulgence and encouragement - as an acknowledgement for the bravery and good Conduct displayed by your Lordships petitioners in the Said Action. Finding to the contrary your petitioners thought proper to make proper Applcation to your Lordships. hoping to be redressed. your petitioners were entirely debarred of every common privilage and liberties customery in every of His Majestys Ships when in Port. six men only granted liberty to go on Shore p[e]r day when they others of H[is] M[ajesty's] Ships. laying here that were in the Said Action and of an Inferiour rate Allows one hundred men at a time to go on Shore on liberty. as also the postman Dened admittance on board with the Ships letters. untill yesterday permission being granted them as applycation been made to the commanding Officer by the the request of the Ships company your Lordships Petitioners would not even be Allowed to send their dirty Cloths out of the Ship to be washed not having time for the duty of the Ship to wash them on board. Your Lordships Petitioners further sheweth that contrary to the rest of the Ships that were in the said Action of 21st of Oct[obe]r they have not received the smallest encouragement



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