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Petition of the crew of the Royal Sovereign to the Admiralty, 12 December 1805

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Catalogue reference: ADM 1/5126 number 53



Since the action. not even. not even a single drop of extra liquor As generally has been usual at such times --- Your Lordships

Petitioners. would desire only to receive the same libertyes and Usage as They rest of His Majestys Ships that were in the Said Action receives now and since their arival in england your Lordships petitioners refers for a Character if required to Vice Adm[ira]l Collingwood so he brought therein to the said action

Your Lordships humanity. will extend so far as to take y[ou]r Petitioners case in to Consideration. and your Lordships Petitioners as in duty bound will ever


HMS Royal Sovereign. Plymouth December 12th 1805


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