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Details of the costs of Nelson’s funeral

Catalogue reference: LC 2/38/2 folio 8v

Funeral Car, Hearse & Mourning Coaches.
The Car

    Item no £ s  
Elliott Temporary Roof & Enclosure covered with Sailcloth during the Building of the Funeral Car 37 19 10  
  A Magnificent Funeral Car on a Carriage & 3 Platforms covered with Baize & Black Velvet, ornamented with Trophies and Escucheons, Draperies over WheelsCarved figures and Stern, the Dome finished torepresent an ancient Sarcophagus supported by4 Palm Trees, ornamented with black Cloth, & silkfringe, a Viscounts’ coronet at Top gilt, the Cornersenriched with Plumes of Ostrich Feathers, Friezeround with Mottos, Velvet Draperies entwined round Palm Trees & fringed 38 486 3  
  Use of a Timber Carriage Temporarily " 15 6  
  6 Large Plumes of Ostrich Feathers for above Car " 3 3  
  2 Days when exhibited at Kings Mews & at Funeral        
  6 Handsome Horses for the Car from 6a.m. to " 5 5  
  8PM & leaving D[itto] in Kings Mews,        
  Use of Ostrich Feathers for above Horses " 1 16  

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