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Letter by Nelson to William Marsden, Admiralty 12 August 1804

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Catalogue reference: ADM 1/408 (N112)


Victory at Sea 12th August 1804

R[eceived] 4 Oct[ober]


Although I most certainly never thought of writing a Line upon Mons[ieu]r LaTouche’s having cut a caper a few miles outside of Toulon on the 14th of June, where he well knew I could not get at him, without placing the ships under the Batteries which surround that Port, and that had I attacked him in that Position, that He could retire into his secure nest whenever he pleased - Yet as that Gentleman has thought proper to write a Letter stating that the Fleet under my Command Ran away and that he pursued it, perhaps it may be thought necessary for me to say something, but I do assure



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