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Letter by Nelson to William Marsden, Admiralty 12 August 1804

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Catalogue reference: ADM 1/408 (N112)



You Sir that I know not what to say, except by a flat contradiction, for if my Character is not established at this time for not being apt to run away, it is not worth my time to attempt to put the world right, it is not therefore I do assure Their Lordships with any such intention that I stain my Paper with a vaunting Man’s name, and therefore I shall only state that the Fleet I have the honor and happiness to Command is in the highest state of discipline, good order, good humour and good helath, and that the united wishes of all are I am sure to meet Monsieur La Touche at Sea , then I ought not to doubt but I should be able to write a Letter equally satisfactory to my King, my Country and myself.

I send you a Copy of the Ship’s Log, I observe that even the



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