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Nelson explaining his plans of attack - The Nelson Touch

National Maritime Museum PAG7067


England expects every Man to do his duty

LORD NELSON explaining to the Officers the PLAN of ATTACK previous to the BATTLE of TRAFALGAR

  V[ice] Adm[ira]l Lord Nelson Capt[ai]n Bayntun
of the
who Commanded
on the 21st
Oct[obe]r 1805
Capt[ai]n Grindall Capt[ai]n Morris  
Capt[ai]n T.M. Hardy Capt[ai]n Codrington Capt[ai]n Hargood Capt[ai]n Mansfield
Mr Scott
Capt[ai]n J. Cooke   Capt[ai]n I Pellew
V. Ad[mira]l Collingwood Capt[ai]n Conn Capt[ai]n G. Hope Capt[ai]n Rutherford
Capt[ai]n Rotherham Capt[ai]n H. Digby Capt[ai]n E. Harvey Capt[ai]n Ridmill
R[ear] Adm[ira]l Lord Northesk Capt[ai]n Duff Capt[ai]n King Capt[ai]n Tyler
Capt[ai]n Bullen Capt[ai]n Durham Capt[ai]n Sir F Laforey Lieu[tenan]t J. Pilford (acting)
Capt[ai] Sir
E[dwar]d Berry
Capt[ai]n Freemantle Capt[ai]n Moorsom Lieu[tenan]t J. Stockham d[itt]o

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