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Letter by Nelson to William Marsden, Admiralty 7 August 1804

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This letter highlights Nelson’s skill as an administrator and the concern for the welfare of not just his men but also that of prisoners of war. In terms of securing good quality lemon juice he is attempting to keep the Royal Navy free from scurvy since lemon juice was known for its anti-scorbutic qualities. Nelson shows his practical knowledge of the cost of lemon juice in England in contrast to that obtained in Sicily and the savings to the public purse that would result. He also points out it might be unwise to have two pursers dismissed from the Royal Navy employed in official positions and empathises with the condition of French prisoners of war offering suggestions as to their better welfare by suggesting they are allowed a quantity of wine a day.

Catalogue reference: ADM 1/408 (N97)

Nelson describes arrangements made for the health of his men. 7 August 1804. Cat ref: ADM 1/408 (N97). Crown copyright.
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