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Letter by Nelson to William Marsden, Admiralty 7 August 1804

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Catalogue reference: ADM 1/408 (N97)



saved by that Board in their future purchase of this Article, which I understand from the Physician of the Fleet may be had in any Quantity.

I must here beg to observe that Doctor Snipe went from Malta (where he was on Service) to Messina for the purpose of accomplishing this Contrait [contract], and when it is considered that Lemon juice in England (if so it may be called) cost eight shillings per Gallon, and in the contract before mentioned only one Shilling for the real juice, it will I am sure entitle Doctor Snipe to their Lordships approbation for his conduct and perseverance on the occasion, and I understand from him that Mr Broadbent’s profits are still very fair.

I judge it proper to remark that two Pursers who have been dismissed



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