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Extract from HMS Victory Captain’s log for 21-22 October 1805

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Catalogue reference: ADM 51/4514 part 4 folios 131v-3

Winds Courses Dist. [ance] Lat. [itude] Long. [itude] Bear[ing] & Dist. at Noon Remarks &c
Sunday 21 SSW
[south south west]

W[?] 28 36.10 6.18 [Cadiz] N.39 E9½ Leagues

Cape St. Mary N49 W26½ Leagues
P.M Light Breezes and squally with Rain at 2 taken aback, [] the wind on the Starboard Tack, at 4 wore Ship & up Topgallant Yards look out Ships making Signals of the Enemy’s Position, at 8.40 wore Ship at 12 ditto W[eathe]r[?] at 4 wore Ship at 6 observed the Enemy bearing E[ast]b[y][] 10 or 11 Miles, bore up to the Eastw[ar]d out all Reefs Topsails, set Steering Sails & Royals, cleared for Quarters, at 8 Light Breezes and cloudy Body of the Enemy’s Fleet EbS[outh] 9 or 10 Miles, still standing for the Enemy’s Van the Royal Sovereign & her Line of Battle steering for the centre of the Enemy’s Line – The Enemy’s Line extending about NNE [north north east] & [South South West] at 11.40 the Royal Sovereign commenced firing on the Enemy, they having begun on her at 11.30 -


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