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Extract from HMS Victory Captain’s log for 21-22 October 1805

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Catalogue reference: ADM 51/4514 part 4 folios 131v-3


22 NNW


          Enemy’s Van Tack and stand along our W[eathe]r Line to windward, fired our Larboard Guns at those they would reach at 3.40 made the Signal for our Ships to keep their Wind and engage the Enemy’s Van coming along our Weather Line, at 4.15 the Spanish Rear Admiral to Windward struck to some of our Ships, which had Tacked after them, observed one of the Enemy’s Ships blow up and 14 Sail standing towards Cadiz and 3 standing to the Southward, partial firing continued until 3.40 when a Victory having been reported to the Admiral Right Hon[oura]ble Lord Visc[oun]t Nelson KB [] and Commander in Chief, he died of his Wounds, at 5 the Mizzen Mast fell about 10 feet above the Poop, the lower Masts, Yards & Bowsprit all crippled, rigging and Sails very much cut, the Ships around us very much crippled, several of our Ships pursuing the Enemy to Leeward Saw Vice Adm[ira]l Collingwoods Flag flying onboard HMS Euryalus and some of our Ships taking Possession of the Prizes, struck Top G[allan]t Masts got up runners and Tackles to secure the Masts, emp[loye]d clearing the wreck of the Yards and Rigging, wore Ship and sounded in 32 f[atho]ms sandy Bottom, stood to the Southward under the remnants of Foresail and Maintopsail, sounded from 13. to 19 f[atho]ms at 2 wore Ship at Day Light saw our Fleet and Prizes 43 Sail, still closing with them, at 6 Cape Trafalgar bore S[outh] E[ast] b[] E[ast] 4 or 5 Leagues, 6.30 saw 3 of the Enemy’s Ships to Leeward standing towards Cadiz in Fresh Breezes and cloudy Employed Knotting the Fore and Main Rigging & fishing and securing the Lower Masts, struck the Fore Topmast for a fish for the Foremast, which was very badly wounded, at Noon fresh Breezes and hazy

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