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Despatch by Nelson to Sir Hyde Parker 3 April 1801 about the Battle of Copenhagen

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Catalogue reference: ADM 1/4 (Ha 55)



and Men in the Frigates and sloops.

The Bombs were directed and took their stations abreast of the Elephant and threw some Shells into the Arsenal.

Captain Rose who volunteered his Services to direct the Gun Brigs, did every thing that was possible to get them forward, but the current was too strong for them to be of Service during the Action, but not the less merit is due to Capt[ain] Rose, and I believe all the Officers and Crews of the Gun Brigs for their exertions.

The Boats of those ships of the Fleet who were not ordered on the attack, afforded us every assistance, and the Officers and Men who were in them merit my warmest Approbation.

The Desiree took her Station in raking the southernmost Danish ship of the Line & performed the greatest service.

The Action began at 5 minutes past ten - the Van led by Captain George Murray of the Edgar, who set a noble example of intrepidity which was as well followed up, by every Captain, Officer & Man in the Squadron.


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