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Despatch by Nelson to Sir Hyde Parker 3 April 1801 about the Battle of Copenhagen

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Catalogue reference: ADM 1/4 (Ha 55)





taken, being the whole of the Danish Line to the Southward of the Crown Islands, after a Battle of four hours.

From the very intricate Navigation, the Bellona & Russel unfortunately grounded, but although not in the situation assigned them, yet, so placed as to be of great Service - the Agamemnon could not weather the Shoal of the Middle and was obliged to Anchor but not the smallest blame can be attached to Captain Fancourt; it was an event to which all the ships were liable. These accidents prevented the extension of our Line by the three Ships before mentioned who would, I am confident have silenced the Crown Islands, the two outer Ships in the Harbour’s mouth and prevented the heavy loss in the Defiance & Monarch, and which, unhappily threw the gallant and good Captain Riou (to whom I had given the Command of the Frigates and Ships named in the Margin to assist in the Attack of the Ships at the Harbour’s Mouth) under a very heavy fire; the consequence has been the Death of Captain Riou, and many brave Officers



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