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Extract of intercepted correspondence sent by Nelson to Lady Hamilton forwarded by Sir William Hamilton to Lord Grenville, 26 February 1800

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Catalogue reference: FO 70/13 folio 53


Extract of a private Letter from L[or]d Nelson to Lady Hamilton which was a sort of Journal from His departure from Palermo dated 18th of Feb[ruar]y a signal having been made by L[or]d Keith just as the Foudroyant was ready to Cast Anchor in the bay of St Paul at Malta the 16th of Feb[ruary] for a Line of battle Ship & some Frigates to give chase to 5 Ships of the Enemy that had been discoverd - Lord Nelson went in chaCe and after two days fruitless search on the 18th His Lord[shi]p discovered the Enemy at a distance and here begins the Journal of the



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