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Letter from Sir William Hamilton of 25 September 1798 to Lord Grenville

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Catalogue reference: FO 70/11 folios 250-1


Naples 25 Sept[embe]r 1798

My Lord

His Majesty’s Ships the Culloden, Captain Troubridge and the Alexander Captain Ball, and the Frigate Bonne Citoyenne came into this port on the 18th instant in the Evening. His Sicilian Majesty went out in His boat into the Bay to meet them, as did numerous boats of English and Neapolitans. The Ships gave the Royal Salute to His Majesty. The Brave Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson in the Vanguard accompanied by the Thalia frigate, did not make his appearance in this Bay until Saturday last, the 22nd instant (the Day of our Good King’s coronation) having been becalmed off Sicily.

The King of Naples not only went off to meet the Admiral but instantly went on board the Vanguard, and taking Sir Horatio by the hand made use of the Strongest Expressions of Gratitude to him for the infinite Services that his Intrepidity and good conduct and that of the Brave British Squadron



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