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Letter from Sir William Hamilton of 25 September 1798 to Lord Grenville

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Catalogue reference: FO 70/11 folios 250-1



under His command had rendered Him, His Family, and His Kingdom.

His Majesty stay’d on board untill the Vanguard was at Anchor in the Port. The Royal Salute was given by all the King’s Ships, both on his Sicilian Majesty’s arrival on board The Van Guard, and on His leaving the ship. The day being remarkably fine, (the numerous boats with colours and musick attending the Vanguard, and all the Shores and wharfs of Naples crouded with a multitude of rejoicing People, was I can assure your Lordship, a sight that cannot easily be described, and when The Admiral came on shore the reception the Neapolitans gave him, was so expressive of kindness and Gratitude, that I saw affected him greatly.

Not a French cockarde is now to be seen in the streets of Naples, neither do the french or Cisalpine ministers make their appearance abroad, and since Sir Horatio Nelson’s prisoner, Admiral Blanquet, has been put on Shore, on his Parole, the French can no longer



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