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Letter from Horatio Nelson to Admiral, Earl of St Vincent, K.B. of 28 December 1798

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Catalogue reference: ADM 1/399 (N7)


Lady Hamilton, from this time to the 21st, every Night received the Jewels of the Royal Family, &c &c, and such clothes as might be necessary for the very large party to embark, to the Amount, I am confident of full Two Millions five hundred Thousand Pounds stirling. On the 18th, General Mack wrote that he had no prospect of stopping the progress of the French, and entreated Their Majesties to think of retiring from Naples with their August Family as expeditiously as possible. All the Neapolitan Navy were now taken out of the Mole, consisting of three sail of the Line and three Frigates: the Seamen from the two Sail of the Line in the Bay left their ships and went on shore: a party of English seamen with Officers were sent from the Vanguard to assist in navigating them to a place of Safety. From the 18th, various plans were formed for the removal of the Royal Family from the Palace to the water-side; on the 19th, I received a note from General Acton, saying, that the King approved of my plan for their embarkation this day the 20th and 21st very large assembly of people were in commotion, and several people were killed,



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