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Letter from Horatio Nelson to Admiral, Earl of St Vincent, K.B. of 28 December 1798

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Catalogue reference: ADM 1/399 (N7)



and one dragged by the legs to the Palace. The mob by the 20th were very unruly and insisted the Royal Family should not leave Naples; however, they were pacified by the King and Queen speaking to them.

On the 21st, at Half-past 8PM Three Barges with myself and Captain Hope, landed at a corner of the Arsenal. I went into the Palace and brought out the whole Royal Family, put them into the Boats, and at half past 9 they were all safely on board the Vanguard, when I gave immediate notice to all British Merchants that their persons would be received on board every and any ship in the Squadron, their effects of Value being before embarked in the three English Transports who were partly unloaded, and I had directed that all the Condemned Provisions should be thrown overboard, in order to make room for their effects. Sir W[illia]m Hamilton had also directed two Vessels to be hired for the accommodation of the French emigrants, and provisions were supplied from our Victuallers: in short, every thing had been done for the comfort of all persons embarked.

I did not forget in these important moments that it was my duty not to leave the chance of any Ships of War falling into the hands of the French, therefore, every preparation was made for burning them before I sailed; but the reasons given me by their Sicilian Majesties, induced me not to



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