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Extract of letter sent by Nelson to Sir William Hamilton, dated 20 July 1798

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Catalogue reference: FO 70/11 folios 188-9



In about six days I shall sail from hence, & if I hear nothing more of the French, I shall go to the Archipelago, where, if they are gone towards Constantinople I shall hear of them. I shall go to Cyprus, & if they are gone to Alexandretta, or any other part of Syria or Egypt, I shall get information. You will I am sure, & so will our country, easily conceive what has passed in my anxious mind, but I have this comfort, that I have no fault to accuse myself of. This bears me up & this only. I send you a Paper, where a Letter is fixed for different places which I may leave at any place, and except those which have the Key, none can tell where I am gone to.


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