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Extract of letter sent by Nelson to Sir William Hamilton, dated 20 July 1798

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Catalogue reference: FO 70/11 folios 188-9



stretched over to the coast of Caramania, where not speaking a vessel who could give me information, I became distressed for the Kingdom of the two Sicilies, and having gone a round of 600 leagues at this season of the year (with a single ship) with an expedition incredible, here I am as ignorant of the situation of the Enemy as I was 27 days ago. I sincerely hope the dispatches which I understand are at Cape Passaro will give me full information. I shall be able for nine or ten weeks longer to keep the fleet on active service, when we shall want Provisions & stores. I send a Paper on that subject herewith. Mr Littledale is I suppose sent up by the Admiral to Victual us, & I hope he will do it cheaper than any other person, but if I find out that he charges more than the fair price & has not the provisions of the very best quality, I will not take them, for as no Fleet has more fag than this, nothing but the best food & greatest attention can keep them healthy. At this moment we have not one sick man in the fleet.



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