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Extract from HMS Vanguard medical officer’s journal for 1798 revealing the extent of Nelson’s head injury sustained at the Battle of the Nile

Catalogue reference: ADM 101/124/1

Sir Horatio Nelson K.B.
Rear Adm[ira]l of the Blue
etc. etc. etc.
Wound on the forehead, over the Right Eye. The Cranium is bare for more than an Inch; the wound three inches long. 1st brought the edges of the wound together and applied strips of Emp. Adhesiv. Pil, Anodyn ij h.s.s. 2nd Mist. Purgans [?]iv Pil, Anodyn, Rep[eated]d 3rd Mist, Saline, [?]ij quaqu. 3tia hora 4th 4th Removed the dressings and again applied Sticking Plaster with Lint. O[?]irat[?] 5th & 6th d. 7th d. Ext. Cathantia 2j stat[?] su[?]end Pil, Anodyn, h.s.s. 8th & 9th d. 10th d. 11th d. 12th d. 13th d. 14th d. 15th d. 16th d. 17th d. 18th d. 19th d. 20th d. 21st d. 22nd d. 23rd d. 24th d. 25th d. 26th d. 27th d. 28th d. 29th d. 30th d. 31st d. Discharg[e]d
The wound was perfectly heal’d on the first September, but as the integaments were much enlarg’d, I applied (every night) a compress wett with a disculient embrocation for nearly a month which was of great service.
Age 40 1st August
Off ye Nile

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