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Extract from HMS Seahorse medical officer’s journal for 20 August 1797 relating to the medical treatment Nelson was receiving due to the loss of his right arm

Catalogue reference: ADM 101/120/6

Mens Names, Ages and Qualities When and Where put on the Sick List Statement of the Case when put on the List Symptoms and Treatment while under Cure When discharged to Duty, Died or sent to the Hospital Remarks
Rear Adm[ira]l Sir Ho[ratio] Nelson 1797 Aug[u]st 20th Continued from the Theeus’s journal I amputated the Admirals right Arm on the 25th July: the sore on the Stump about the size of a Shilling one of the Ligatures not come away. Twitching Pains at times particularly by Night. I gave the following R’ Haust Salin c R; opii 9xt M.s sumendus Et repr pro re nanta Dressed with Cerat Lap Calamin and dry lint Discharged 1 Sep[tembe]r I was appointed from the Theseus to attend the Admiral to England; he landed at Portsmouth 1st Sept[embe]r would not suffer the Ligature to be touched

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