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Contemporary print of the Battle of the Nile

Only two French frigates and two ships of the line (including Le Guillaume Tell captained by Second Rear-Admiral Villeneuve who would later command the French fleet at Trafalgar) escaped. Nine ships were captured and the rest either sunk or burnt, including the French flagship L’Orient.

Catalogue reference: MPI 1/536 number 6

Contemporary print showing the Battle of the Nile. 1 December 1798. Cat ref: MPI 1/536 no 6.
Key to the print:
A – A French ships drawn up in the line of battle
B – B the two divisions of the British fleet after breaking the French line. The dots represent the different courses taken by the divisions in order to begin the attack
C concealed battery
D – D French frigates
E HMS Culloden
F HMS Leander
G – G Le Guillaume Tell and Le Genereux
H French gunboats at the mouth of the Nile
I & K shoals
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