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Extract from the London Gazette of 29 August - 2 September 1797 featuring Nelson’s despatch to Sir John Jervis of 27 July 1797

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Catalogue reference: ZJ 1/97 pages 835-6


Zealous – 3 Seamen, 2 Marines, killed; 19 Seamen, 2 Marines, wounded.

Leander – 1 Seamen, 5 Marines, killed; 1 Seaman, 4 Marines, wounded; 1 Ditto missing.

Seahorse – 2 Seamen killed; 13 Seamen, 1 Marine, wounded.

Terpsichore – 8 Seamen killed; 9 Seamen, 2 Marines, wounded; 4 Seamen and Marines missing.

Emerald – 5 Seamen, 3 Marines, killed; 11 Seamen wounded; 10 Seamen and Marines drowned.

Fox Cutter – 17 Seamen and Marines drowned.

Total, 28 Seamen, 16 Marines, killed; 90 Seamen, 15 Marines, wounded; 97 Seamen and Marines drowned; 5 Seamen and Marines missing.


Officers killed.

Richard Bowen, Captain of the Terpsichore.
George Thorpe, First Lieutenant of Ditto.
John Weatherhead, Lieutenant of the Theseus.
William Earnshaw, Second Lieutenant of the Leander.
Raby Robinson, Lieutenant of Marines, of Ditto.
Lieutenant Basham, Marines, of the Emerald.
Lieutenant John Gibson, of the Fox Cutter, drowned.

Officers wounded.

Rear-Admiral Nelson, his Right Arm shot off.
Captain Thompson, of the Leander, slightly.
Captain Fremantle, of the Seahorse, in the Arm.
Lieutenant J. Douglas, of Ditto, in the Hand.
Mr. Waits, Midshipman, of the Zealous.



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