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Extract from the London Gazette, 3 March 1797

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Catalogue reference: ZJ 1/96 pages 211-2


of the Line, and an Account of the Killed and Wounded in His Majesty’s Ships, as well as in those taken from the Enemy. The Moment the latter (almost totally dismasted) and His Majesty’s Ships the Captain and the Culloden are in a state to put to sea I shall avail myself of the first favourable Wind to proceed off Cape St Vincent in my Way to Lisbon.

Captain Calder, whose able Assistance has greatly contributed to the Publick Service during my Command, is the Bearer of this, and will more particularly describe to the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty the Movements of the Squadron on the 14th, and the present State of it.

I am, Sir, &c.


OFFICERS killed and wounded

Blenheim, Mr. Edward Libby, acting Lieutenant, wounded.
  Mr. Peacock, Boatswain, wounded.
  Mr. Joseph Wixon, Master’s Mate, wounded. Since dead.
Captain. Major William Norris, Marines, killed.
  Mr. James Godench, Midshipman, killed.
  Commodore Nelson, bruised, but not obliged to quit the Deck.
  Mr. Carrington, Boatswain, wounded in boarding the San Nicolas.
  Mr. Thomas Lund, Midshipman, wounded.
Excellent. Mr. Peter Peffers, Boatswain, killed.
  Mr. Edward Augustus Down, Masters’ Mate, wounded.
Orion. Mr. Thomas Mansel, Midshipman, wounded.
Culloden. Mr. G.A. Livingstone, Lieutenant of Marines, killed.
Ireresistible. Serjeant Watson, Marines, killed.
  Mr. Andrew Thompson, Lieutenant, killed.
  Mr. Hugh McKinnon, Master’s Mate, wounded.
  Mr. William Balfour, Midshipman, wounded.

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