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Extract from Nelson’s despatch about the attack on Cadiz

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Catalogue reference: ADM 1/396


Theseus July 4th 1797

In obedience to your orders the Thunder Bomb was placed by the good management of Lieut[enant] Sourly her present commander assisted by Mr Jackson master of the Ville de Paris who volunteered his able Services within 2500 yards of the Walls of Cadiz, And the Shells were thrown from her with much precision under the directions of Lieut[enant] Baynes of the Royal Artillery but unfortunately it was soon found that the large mortar was ? ? ? from its former services, ? judged it proper to order ? and return under the protection of the Goliath Terpischore and Fox? who were kept under Sail for that purpose and for whose active Services, I feel much obliged, The Spaniards having sent out a great number of mortar, Gun Boats And Armed launches, I directed a Vigourous attack to be made on them, which was done with



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