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Extract from Nelson’s despatch about the attack on Cadiz

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Catalogue reference: ADM 1/396



such gallantry that they were drove and pursued close to the Walls of Cadiz and must have suffered considerable loss, And I have the pleasure to inform you that Two mortar boats and an Armed launch remained in our possession.

I feel myself particularly indebted for the successful termination of the Contest to the Gallantry of Cap[tai]n Fremantle and Miller the former of whom accompanied me in my Barge and to my Coxswain John Sykes who in defending my Person is most severely wounded as was Captain Fremantle slightly in the attack, And my Praises are generally due to every officer and man whom I saw behave in the most noble manner, and I regret it is not in my power to particularise them, I must also beg to be permitted to express My admiration of Don Mig[ue]l Tyrason The Commander of the Gun Boats, in his Barge he laid my boat alongside And his resistance was such as to honor a Brave officer 18 of the 26 men killed and himself



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