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Extract from HMS Agamemnon’s captain’s log describing the naval action with the Ça Ira

Catalogue reference: ADM 51/1126 part 5

Winds Course Dist[ance] Latt[itud]e
Bearings and Distance at Noon Remarks etc on Board His Majistys Ship Agamemnon
Saturday 14th S[outh]

          Light Breezes and hazy, at ¾ past I Wore Ship to the Westw[ar]d the Admiral made the Signal to bear N[orth] W[es]t of each other at ¼ past 2 Genoa Light House N[orth] E[ast] b[y] E[east] Wore and made Sail after the Enemy, at ½ past 3 the Admiral made the Signal to prepare for Action, at 6 Min[u]t[e]s past 4 to form the Line of Battle on the Larboard Tack , at ½ past 4 for the Bedford and Captain to make more Sail, D[itt]o for them to get in their Stations, at ¾ past ditto the Princess Royal made the Captains Signal to get in her Station, d[itt]o to make more Sail and for every Ship to carry Lights during the Night, at 5 the Bedford and Captains signals repeated, the Admiral made the Signal to keep in close Order of Sailing. D[itt]o for the Mozelle to keep sight of the Enemy and Fox Cutter to pass within hail at 16 Minutes past 5 the Admiral made the signal to Engage the Enemy as coming up with them, at 20 Minutes before 6 the signal to Tack together after the close of Day, at 5 Minutes before the signal to Tack together, at ¼ before 8 the Mozelle made the Signal that the Enemy had either Tack or Wore made and shortened Sail 8 signal, the Enemy in Sight AM at 4 all ? Fleet in Company, 8 Sail to Windward, at Day Light sail saw one of the Enemys Line of Battle Ships carry away his Topmasts The Inconstant coming fast up with this disabled ship([ ] proved to be Le Ça Ira of 80 guns) hove Seven Live bull[ ] aboard clearing the Decks, at ¼ past 9 the Inconstant began [fire?]ing at the Disabled ship, made all possible Sail, at ¼ before 11 we began our Fire upon D[itt]o at Noon the Action continuing

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