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Extract from a letter from Nelson to Lord Sydney, Secretary of State, dated 23 June 1785

Catalogue reference: CO 152/64


23 June 1785

My Lord

Herewith you will receive a Memorial which I beg your Lordship will be pleased to lay before My Most Gracious Sovereign; Your Lordship by a former letter, which I had the Honor of writing you, by the Queen Charlotte Packet, will know of the Irritation of the Inhabitants of these Islands, for my having done what was my Duty; Your Lordship will now perceive by the Memorial, that the anger of some people in these Colonies is not lessened, and therefore they have taken the first opportunity of making me suffer pecuniary Punishment, although what they have charged me with, they know is as false as any thing can possibly be, for one of the party’s I never saw, but my Persecution, I must call it; is I have every reason to believe carried on by certain disaffected people, settled in these Islands since the Peace; If from the State of my case, you think me worthy of some attention, may I hope for your interest. That the King may be Graciously pleased to redress my grievance; my constitution is but weak, and from being obliged to lay at Anchor, under the Lee of this Island, and being confined so closely to my Ship, it is so much worse, that I fear it will ultimately oblige me to quit my Ship; but my health is a loss, I must be content to suffer, my only consolation is, that I have lost in the service of my Country. I should do injustice to the Attorney General Mr Stanley, and the other Crown Lawyers, did I not say they have used every endeavour, to stop this Prosecution against me, but it is out of their power, the President of Nevis and the Judge of the Admiralty, have also done what was in their power, to have justice rendered me; by the advice of the Crown Lawyers I have not stood Trial, for the People are so irritated at present, that I should be, they fear, condemn’d, against all the Evidence I could produce, that what they have laid to my Charge is wholly false, The Officers and ships Crew serving under my Command, ever have been and are faithful Servants, to their Country, and I am sure they feel as much for the unfortunate situation of their Commander as I can possibly do for myself, Pray My Lord, let my Cruel situation be my apology for troubling you, and permit me to assure you that I am with every sentiment of Respect.

Your Lordships Most devoted Humble Servant
Horatio Nelson

Right Hon[ora]ble Lord Sydney


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