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Extract from a letter from Nelson to Lord Sydney, Secretary of State, dated 20 March 1785

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Catalogue reference: CO 152/64


Boreas, Basseterre Road, St Christophers
March 20th 1785

My Lord

It is not to criminate any individual but to Vindicate my character as an Officer, from the Aspersions that are thrown upon it, by the Inhabitants in general of this Island and Nevis, that I write this letter, this I beg may be my apoligy for troubleing Your Lordship. The Character of an Officer is his greatest treasure, to Lower that, is to wound him irreparably. but as I trust it is only by doing my duty, that has caus’d these aspersions. The Approbation of my Sovereign will make ample amends. for the calumnys of the Invidius - In Nov[e]m[ber] last I was appointed by the Commander in Chief of His Majesty’s Squadron to the Station at these Islands to protect the Commerce of Great Britain, which I have endeavour’d to do by every means in my power - Americans at this time I am sorry to say fill’d our Ports. but as I did not think that was a legal Commerce. I have constantly endeavour’d to Suppress it - the doing of which



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