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Intelligence supplied by Nelson

Catalogue reference: ADM 1/312 folio 469


‘In Obedience to your Orders I proceeded to the Island St Eustatius, Where I found L’Iris, a French Frigate of Thirty two Guns, commanded by Mr Sontouse, the Ship who pass’d this Road, on Sunday last, who had on board the Intendant of Guadaloupe, Four of the Council of that Island, Count Tilly, a Major General, and several Officers of the Army, They say, it is only Curiosity has cause’d them to Visit that Island, but from the exactness with which they have examined the different Forts and Bays in the Island, I cant help thinking they must have some Object in view, besides meer curiousity. From St Eustatius, they proceeded to the Island of St Martin’s where they are going to erect Batteries; and what the inhabitants will like much Worse, a Custom-House and to Shut it up as a free Port; (two thirds of the Island belongs to the French, and the other to the Dutch) The Dutch have great fears that a War will happen, Letters from Amsterdam of the 26th April say it is most probable.‘


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