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Latin Paleography

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Practice document: Papal document

 (Catalogue reference: DL 36/3 folio 32)


1. Gregorius ep[iscopu]s servus servor[um] dei Dilectis filijs Mag[ist]ro et fratribus Hospitalis

2. sancti Leonardi de Kirkebi Sal[u]t[em] et ap[osto]licam ben[edictionem] Justis petentium desiderijs dignum est

3. nos facilem prebere consensum et vota que a rationis tramite non discordant effectu prosequente

4. complere Qua propter dilecti in domino filij vestris iustis postulationibus grato

5. concurrentes assensu terras possessiones redditus pascua et alia bona vestra sicut ea om[n]ia

6. iuste ac pacifice possidetis et in litteris inde confectis plenius dicitur continerj vobis et

7. per vos eidem hospitali vestro auctoritate apostolica confirmamus et presentis scripti pa-

8. -trocinio communimus Nulli ergo om[n]ino hominum liceat hanc paginam nostre confirmatio-

9. -nis infringere vel ei ausu temerario contraire Si quis autem hoc attemptare presumpserit

10. indignationem om[n]ipotentis dei et beator[um] Petrj et Paulj apostolorum eius se noverit incursu-

11. -rum. Dat’ Lateran’ k[a]l’ Aprilis Pontificatus n[ost]rj Anno Quarto


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Gregory, bishop, servant of the servants of God, to [his] beloved sons, the master and brothers of the hospital of St Leonard of Kirkebi, greetings and apostolic blessing. The desires of the petitioners being just, it is worthy that we show ready consent and fulfill their prayers, which do not disagree from the path of reason, with the following effect. Wherefore, beloved sons in the lord, concurring freely with your just demands, we confirm for you and through you for your same hospital by apostolic authority, and strengthen by the patronage of the present deed, your lands, possessions, rents, pastures and other goods, just as you possess all of them justly and peacefully and as is said to be more fully contained in the letters thereupon completed. Consequently it should not at all be lawful for any man to infringe upon this document of our confirmation or to oppose it by a rash enterprise. Moreover, if anyone presumes to attempt this, he should know that he would incur the indignation of omnipotent God and the blessed Peter and Paul, his apostles. Dated at Lateran the calends of April in the fourth year of our Pontificate.

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