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Latin Paleography

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Practice document: Charter

 (Catalogue reference: DL 36/3 folio 183)


1. Gilleb[er]t[us] de monemuda o[mn]ib[us] hominib[us] suis francis. et Anglicis.

2. et Walensib[us]. et om[n]ib[us] vicinis suis. et amicis. sal[utem]. Notu[m] sit o[mn]ib[us]

3. vob[is] p[re]sentib[us]. et o[mn]ib[us] futuris. q[uo]d ego Gileb[er]t[us] dedi et concessi Will[elm]o

4. de marisco p[ro] suo servicio et p[ro] q[uo]dam eq[uo] liardo q[ue]m m[ihi] dedit t[er]ram

5. que fuit brunwini et duas acras contra iardinu[m] gilde de qua

6. solebat. xiicim. nu[m]mos m[ihi] reddere. hec aute[m] assensu fr[atr]is mei jacobi

7. concessi ipsi Will[elm]o et heredib[us] suis ad tenendu[m] de me et de here-

8. -dib[us] meis lib[er]e et quiete de o[mn]ib[us] serviciis reddendo unu[m] nisu[m]

9. soru[m] p[er] annu[m]. et ut firmu[m] et stabile sit. sigillo meo confir-

10. -mavi. Hi s[un]t testes. Rob[er]t[us] de albemara. Thoma fili[us] pagani. et

11. pagan[us] fili[us] ei[us]. Rannulfus bruto. et Rob[er]t[us] fili[us] ei[us]. Jordan[us] de wi-

12. -sham. et Radulfus fili[u]s ei[us]. W[i]ll[el]m[us] de colevilla. Will[el]m[us] de

13. h[er]efordia. Ada de blakaneia. Gileb[er]t[us] q[ui] hanc carta[m] sc[ri]psit. Val[ete]


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Gilbert de Monmouth, greetings to all his men, French and English and Welsh, and all his neighbours and friends. Let it be known to all you present and all future that I, Gilbert, have given and granted to William de Marisco for his service and for a certain dapple-grey horse, which he has given to me, the land, which was of Brunwin, and two acres in front of the garden of the guild, from which he was accustomed to pay to me twelve pennies. Moreover, with the assent of James, my brother, I have granted these to the said William and his heirs, to hold from me and my heirs freely and quietly by paying one sore hawk a year for all services, and so that it may be firm and stable, I have confirmed [this] by my seal. These are the witnesses: Robert de Albemara, Thomas, son of Pain, and Pain his son, Ranulf Bruto and Robert his son, Jordan de Wisham and Ralph his son, William de Colevilla, William de Hereford, Adam de Blakaneia, Gilbert who wrote this charter. Farewell.

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