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Latin Paleography

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Practice document: Parliament election writ and return

 (Catalogue reference: C 219/6)


1. Edwardus dei gr[ati]a Rex Angl[ie] D[omin]us Hib[er]n[ie] et Dux Aquit[anie] vicecomitib[us] London’ sal[u]t[e]m. Quia tam sup[er] quibusdam urgentissimis negociis nos et statu[m]

2. regni n[ost]ri ac aliar[um] t[er]rar[um] n[ost]rar[um] et iura n[ost]ra et corone n[ost]re tangentib[us] q[ua]m eciam sup[er] expedic[i]o[n]e quor[um]dam alior[um] arduor[um] negocior[um] que ven[er]abiles p[at]ress[e]de

3. romane eccl[es]ie Cardinales ad nos iam in Angl[ia] p[er] d[omin]um su[m]mum Pontificem t[ra]nsmissi nob[is] ex parte eiusdem su[m]mi Pontificis et d[i]c[t]e sedis sp[eci]alit[er] nunciarunt

4. p[ar]liamentu[m] n[ost]r[u]m apud Westm[onasterium] in crastino Purificac[i]o[n]is b[eat]e Marie virginis p[ro]x[imo] futur[o] tenere et ibidem cum Prelatis ac magnatib[us] et p[ro]cerib[us] d[i]c[t]i regni

5. colloquiu[m] h[ab]ere disposuim[us] et tractatu[m] vob[is] p[re]cipim[us] firmit[er] iniungentes q[uo]d de Civitate p[re]d[i]c[t]a quatuor Cives de discreciorib[us] et ad laborandu[m] potenciorib[us]

6. eligi et eos ad d[i]c[t]os diem et locu[m] venire faciatis Ita q[uo]d d[i]c[t]i Cives plenam et sufficientem potestatem p[ro] se et co[mmun]itate civitatis p[re]d[i]c[t]e h[ab]eant

7. ad faciendu[m] et consentiendu[m] hiis que tunc de co[mmun]i consilio favente d[omi]no ordinari contig[er]it sup[er] negociis anted[i]c[t]is Ita q[uo]d p[ro] def[e]c[t]u potestatis huiusmodi

8. d[i]c[t]a negocia infecta non remaneant quovis modo. Et h[ab]eatis ibi no[m]i[n]a p[re]d[i]c[t]or[um] Civiu[m] et hoc br[ev]e. T[este] me ip[s]o apud Westm[onasterium] xx die Decembr[is] anno

9. r[egni] n[ostri] undecimo. p[er] ip[su]m Regem


12. p[ro]ut in eod[e]m br[ev]i p[re]cipit[ur]

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Edward, by the grace of God king of England, lord of Ireland and duke of Acquitaine, greetings to the sheriffs of London. Because, both concerning very urgent affairs relating to us and the state of our kingdom and of our other lands, and our laws and those of our crown, and also concerning the expediting of certain other difficult business, which the venerable fathers, the cardinals of the Roman church, who have been sent across to us now in England by the lord pope, have specially announced to us on behalf of the same pope and the said see, we have arranged to hold our Parliament at Westminster on the morrow of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary next to come and to have a conference there with the prelates and magnates and nobles of the said kingdom, and we order you to handle the matter, firmly enjoining that from the aforesaid city four citizens be chosen from those who are more prudent and more suitable for the task, and you cause them to come at the said day and place, in such a way that the said citizens may have full and sufficient power for themselves and the community of the aforesaid city to do and agree upon those things, which then, God willing, it shall befall to be arranged by the common council in the matter of the aforesaid business, in such a way that the said business may not remain unfinished in any way for lack of power of this sort, and you may have there the names of the aforesaid citizens and this writ. Witnessed by me, myself, at Westminster on the twentieth day of December in the eleventh year of our reign. By the king, himself.

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