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Latin Paleography

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Practice document: Charter

 (Catalogue reference: E 40/1586)


1. Sciant p[re]sentes et futuri q[uo]d nos Hamo le Fisschere de Chepe et Matild[a] uxor mea de London’ dedimus concessimus et hac presenti carta n[ost]ra confirma-

2. -vimus Johanni atte Ree de Lambourne de Com[itatu] Essex’ Totum illud Mesuagium cum om[n]ib[us] domib[us] et shopis eidem mesuagio annexis cu[m] uno

3. Curtilagio et om[n]ib[us] aliis pertinenciis suis quibuscumq[ue] Quod quidem Mesuagium cu[m] domib[us] shopis curtilagiis et aliis p[er]tinenc[iis] suis prius ha-

4. -buimus ex dono et feoffamento Ricardi de Dorsete Cordarii London’ Et sunt p[re]fata Mesuag[ium] Domus shope et Curtilagiu[m] cu[m] p[er]tinenc[iis] suis

5. sita in Estsmethefelde in Parochia beati Bothulphi ex[tra] Alegate London’ extendent[ia] se in Longitudine int[er] t[er]ram Walt[er]i intheherne v[er]sus oriente[m]

6. et viam Regiam v[er]sus Occidentem Jacent eciam in Latitudine int[er] t[er]ram p[re]d[i]c[t]i Walteri intheherne v[er]sus Austrum et tenementu[m] Hugonis de Hech-

7. -h[a]m v[er]sus Aquilone[m] Videl[ice]t quicquid ibidem h[ab]uimus vel h[ab]ere pot[er]imus in Longitudine Latitudine altitudine p[ro]funditate et rebus cunctis sine aliq[ua]

8. diminuc[i]one Habend[um] et tenend[um] totum p[re]d[i]c[tu]m Mesuagium cum om[n]ib[us] domib[us] et Shopis Curtilag[iis] et om[n]ib[us] aliis suis p[er]tinenciis quibuscumq[ue] p[re]fato Johanni

9. et heredib[us] suis sive suis assignat[is] quibuscumq[ue] libere quiete integre bene et in pace in feodo et hereditate de capitalibus Dominis feod[i] ill[ius] p[er] s[er]vicia prius inde de-

10. -bita et consueta imp[er]petuum Et eciam Reddendo inde annuatim Fabrice Eccl[es]ie s[an]c[t]i Bot[olp]hi p[redi]c[t]e ad festum Pasche Duodecim denar[ios] argenti p[ro] omnibus

11. aliis s[er]viciis secularibus demandis et Rebus cunctis Et nos p[re]fati Hamo et Matild[a] et heredes n[ost]ri sive n[ost]ri assignati Totum p[re]d[i]c[tu]m Me-

12. -suagium cum om[n]ib[us] domib[us] et shopis Curtilag[iis] et om[n]ib[us] aliis pertinenciis suis quibuscumq[ue] p[re]fato Johanni atte Ree et heredibus suis sive

13. suis assignatis cont[ra] om[n]es gentes Warantizabimus et imp[er]p[etuu]m defendemus Pro hac autem n[ost]ra donac[i]one concessione p[re]sentis carte nostre

14. confirmac[i]one Warantia et defensione dedit nobis p[re]fatus Joh[a]nnes q[ua]mdam sum[m]am pecunie premanibus In cuius rei testimonium

15. p[re]senti carte Sigilla nostra apposuimus. Hiis testib[us] Hamone de Chikewelle tu[n]c Maiore Civitatis London’ Will[el]mo Prodo[m]me

16. et Reginaldo de Conductu tu[n]c vicecom[itibus] eiusdem Civitatis Domino Ric[ard]o de Wymbissh Priore S[an]c[t]e Trinitatis illius Warde tu[n]c Alderm[anno]

17. Nich[ola]o Derman Walt[er]o Trentem[a]rs Edmu[n]do fr[atr]e eius Joh[an]ne de Fleg Walt[er]o in theherne Joh[an]ne de Frideistrete Joh[an]ne de Sondon’ Hugone

18. de Hechh[a]m Will[el]mo le Potter’ cl[er]ico Simone le Hoder’ tu[n]c s[er]viente illius Warde et aliis Dat[a] apud Estsmethefeld die Lune p[ro]xima

19. post festum b[eat]i Luce Ewangeliste Anno Regni Regis Edwardi filij Regis Edwardi Quartodecimo


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Know those present and future that we, Hamo le Fisschere of Chepe and Maud my wife of London, have given, granted and by this our present charter confirmed to John atte Ree of Lambourne of the county of Essex the whole of that messuage with all houses and shops annexed to the same messuage along with one curtilage and all its other appurtenances whatsoever. Which same messuage with its houses, shops, curtilages and other appurtenances we previously had from the gift and feoffment of Richard de Dorsete, rope-maker of London, and the aforesaid messuage, houses, shops and curtilage with their appurtenances are situated in Estsmethefelde in the parish of St Botulph without Aldgate, London, extending in length between the land of Walter in the Herne towards the east and the royal highway towards the west. They also lie in width between the land of the aforesaid Walter in the Herne towards the south and the tenement of Hugh de Hechham towards the north, viz whatever we had or we will be able to have in the same place in length, width, height, depth and all things without any diminution. To have and to hold the whole of the aforesaid messuage with all houses and shops, curtilages and all its other appurtenances whatsoever to the aforesaid John and his heirs or his assigns whomsoever freely, peacefully, wholly, well and in peace, in fee and by inheritance from the chief lords of that fee by the services previously thereupon due and accustomed forever; and also by paying thereupon annually to the building work of the church of St Botolph, aforesaid, at the festival of Easter twelve pennies of silver for all other services, secular demands and all things. And we, the aforesaid Hamo and Maud and our heirs or our assigns, shall warrant and forever defend the whole of the aforesaid messuage with all houses and shops, curtilages and all other its appurtenances whatsoever to the aforesaid John atte Ree and his heirs or his assigns against all peoples. Moreover, for this our gift, grant, confirmation of our present charter, warrant and defence the aforesaid John gave to us a certain sum of money in advance. In testimony of which matter we have affixed our seals to the present charter. With these witnesses: Hamo de Chikewelle, then mayor of the city of London, William Prodomme and Reynold de Conductu, then sheriffs of the same city, lord Richard de Wymbissh, prior of the Holy Trinity of that ward, then alderman, Nicholas Derman, Walter Trentemars, Edmund his brother, John de Fleg, Walter in the Herne, John de Frideistrete, John de Sondon, Hugh de Hechham, William le Potter, clerk, Simon le Hoder, then serjeant of that ward, and others. Dated at Estsmethefeld on Monday next after the festival of the St Luke the Evangelist in the fourteenth year of the reign of King Edward, son of King Edward.


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