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Latin Paleography

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Practice document: Plea roll

 (Catalogue reference: KB 27/50)


[Margin] Norff’

1. Rob[ertu]s Burnel concessit dedit et hac presenti carta sua confirmavit D[omi]no Will[elm]o de Vaylaund

2. Nich[ola]o de Vaylaund fil[io] eiusd[em] Will[elm]i et Jul[iane] ux[ori] eiusdem Nich[ola]i p[ro] homag[io] et s[er]vic[i]o suo man[er]ium

3. suu[m] de Oxeburgh’ cum om[n]ib[us] p[er]tin[enciis] suis una cum om[n]ib[us] terris et ten[ementis] suis in Shypedene et

4. Hemsted cum om[n]ib[us] suis p[er]tin[enciis] p[re]t[er] ea que habet in Stivekeye ut in t[er]ris arrabilibus

5. boscis p[ra]tis pascuis pastur[is] Turbar[iis] piscar[iis] molend[inis] redditib[us] villenag[iis] nu[n]dinis homag[iis] wardis

6. releviis et escaetis et cum om[n]ib[us] suis p[er]tin[enciis] que h[ab]uit de dono d[omi]ne Basilie de Wyrecestr’ in

7. Com[itatu] Norff’ H[abe]nd[um] et tenend[um] eidem d[omi]no Will[elm]o Nich[ola]o et Juliane et h[er]ed[ibus] ip[s]ius Nich[ola]i de

8. corp[or]e suo legitime p[ro]creatis de se et h[er]ed[ibus] suis lib[er]e quiete bene et in pace inp[er]p[etuu]m Reddend[o]

9. inde annuatim sibi et h[er]ed[ibus] suis unu[m] par albar[um] Cyrotecar[um] ad Pasch[am] p[ro] om[n]i s[er]vic[i]o secta

10. Cur[ie] et exacc[i]one et faciendo capital[ibus] d[omi]nis feodi p[ro] se et hered[ibus] suis om[n]ia alia s[er]vicia inde

11. debita et consueta Et si contingat q[uo]d pred[i]c[t]us Nich[olau]s obie[r]it sine h[er]ede de corp[or]e suo

12. legitime p[ro]creato tu[n]c pred[i]c[tu]m man[er]iu[m] et om[ne]s pred[i]c[t]e terre et ten[ementa] cum om[n]ib[us] suis p[er]tin[enciis] ut p[re]d[i]c[tu]m

13. est pred[i]c[t]o D[omi]no Will[elm]o et h[er]ed[ibus] suis p[os]t decessum pred[i]c[t]e Juliane integre rev[er]tant[ur] Et ip[s]e

14. pred[i]c[t]us Rob[ertu]s et hered[es] sui warantizabunt acquietabunt et defendent pred[i]c[tu]m man[er]iu[m] et

15. om[ne]s t[er]ras p[re]d[i]c[t]as et ten[ementa] cum om[n]ib[us] suis p[er]tin[enciis] ut pred[i]c[tu]m est pred[i]c[t]o d[omi]no Will[elm]o Nich[ola]o et

16. Juliane et hered[ibus] ip[s]ius Nich[ola]i de corp[or]e suo Legitime p[ro]creatis et hered[ibus] pred[i]c[t]i d[omi]ni

17. Will[elm]i si humanit[us] de pred[i]c[t]o Nich[ola]o sine hered[e] de corp[or]e suo legitime p[ro]creato

18. contingat cont[ra] om[ne]s ho[m]i[n]es inp[er]petuu[m] p[er] eandem warantiam q[ua]m ip[s]e pred[i]c[t]us Rob[er]tus

19. et heredes sui de pred[i]c[t]is terris v[er]sus pred[i]c[t]am D[omi]nam Baseliam et h[er]edes suos h[ab]ere pot[er]unt

20. Et ut hec sua donac[i]o concessio et Carte sue presentis confirmatio Rata sit et stabil[is]

21. huic sc[ri]pto sigillu[m] suu[m] apposuit Hiis testib[us] D[omi]no Will[elm]o de Bovill’ Rob[er]to de Monte

22. alto D[omi]no Hugone Pecche D[omi]no Hamone Hauteyn D[omi]no Osb[er]to de Caylly D[omi]no

23. Walt[er]o de Deven’ D[omi]no Rad[ulph]o de Wych[a]m D[omi]no Will[elm]o de Garthorp D[omi]no Thom[a] de

24. Vaylaund Ph[ilipp]o de Boclaund D[omi]no Joh[an]ne de Bockynge D[omi]no Rob[er]to de Wyneston’

25. Joh[an]ne de Pakenh[a]m Thom[a] de Lose Et aliis


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Robert Burnel granted, gave and by this his present charter confirmed to lord William de Vaylaund, Nicholas de Vaylaund, son of the same William, and Juliana, wife of the same Nicholas, for his homage and service his manor of Oxeburgh with all its appurtenances together with all his lands and tenements in Shypedene and Hemsted with all their appurtenances except those which he has in Stivekeye, as in arable lands, woods, meadows, rights of pasture, pastures, turbaries, fisheries, mills, rents, villeinages, markets, homages, wards, reliefs and escheats and with all their appurtenances, which he had from the gift of Lady Basilia de Wyrecestr’ in the county of Norfolk. To have and to hold to the same lord William, Nicholas and Juliana and the heirs of the said Nicholas lawfully begotten from his body from himself and his heirs freely, quietly, well and in peace forever, by paying thereupon annually to him and his heirs one pair of white gloves at Easter for all service, suit of court and demand and by doing to the chief lords of the fee for themselves and their heirs all other services thereupon due and accustomed. And if it should happen that the aforesaid Nicholas should died without heir of his body lawfully begotten, then the aforesaid manor and all the aforesaid lands and tenements with all their appurtenances, as is aforesaid, are to completely revert to the aforesaid lord William and his heirs after the decease of the aforesaid Juliana. And the aforesaid Robert, himself, and his heirs will warrant, discharge and defend the aforesaid manor and all the aforesaid lands and tenements with all their appurtenances, as is aforesaid, to the aforesaid lord William, Nicholas and Juliana and the heirs of the said Nicholas lawfully begotten from his body and the heirs of the aforesaid lord William, if it should happen that the aforesaid Nicholas should die without heir from his body lawfully begotten, against all men forever by the same warrant, which the aforesaid Robert, himself, and his heirs will be able to have concerning the aforesaid lands against the aforesaid lady Baselia and her heirs. And so that this, his gift, grant and confirmation of his present charter may be right and valid, he has affixed his seal to this deed. With these witnesses: lord William de Bovill, Robert de Monte Alto, lord Hugh Pecche, lord Hamon Hauteyn, lord Osbert de Caylly, lord Walter de Deven’, lord Ralph de Wycham, lord William de Garthorp, lord Thomas de Vaylaund, Philip de Boclaund, lord John de Bockynge, lord Robert de Wyneston, John de Pakenham, Thomas de Lose, and others.


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