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Beginners' Latin
Edward the Confessor attending mass, illuminated drawing. Mid 13th century. Cat ref: E 36/284 f 2v. Copyright, unknown

Lesson 10: Qui, que, quod; the family

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The family

Concentrate on learning words marked with an asterisk* first.

We have already used these words for members of the family

filia, -e (f.) daughter
filius, -i (m.) son
pater, patris (m.) father
puer , -eri (m.) boy
uxor, uxoris (f.) wife
vir, viri (m.) man, husband

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Here are some new useful words

ava, -e (f.) grandmother
avus, -i (m.) grandfather
frater, fratris (m.) brother*
mater, matris (m.) mother*
parens, parentis (m. and f.) parent
soror, sororis (f.) sister*

idem avus petit versus Elizabetham de Segrave que fuit uxor fratris sui. The same grandfather petitions against Elizabeth de Segrave who was the wife of his brother. versus against Elizabetha, -e (f.) Elizabeth
post mortem ave et matris suarum Johannes quinque libras abbati et monachis concessit pro missis pro animabus suis. After the death of his grandmother and mother, John granted five pounds to the abbot and monks for masses for their souls. libra, -e (f.) pound missa, -e (f.)
MassGlossary - opens in a new window monachus, -i (m.) monk mors , mortis (f.) death
item lego terram cum pertinenciis sorori mee ad terminum vite sue Likewise I leave the land with appurtenances to my sister for the term of her life.

item likewise
vita, -e (f.) life
terminus, -i (m.) term

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