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Lesson 5: Pronouns - part 3 | 1 2 3 4

Relative, interrogative and indefinite pronouns

In Beginners’ Latin we also looked at the pronouns for statements and questions, meaning ‘who’, ‘which’ and ‘that’, and ‘who?’ and ‘which?’. These are called relative and interrogative pronouns. In addition to these, it is important to also be aware of the pronoun meaning ‘a certain’. This is called an indefinite pronoun.

  Relative pronoun
who, which, that
Interrogative pronoun
who? which?
Singular Masculine Feminine Neuter Masculine Femine Neuter
Nominative qui que quod quis? quis? quid?
Accusative quem quam quod quem? quem? quid?
Genitive cuius cuius cuius cuius? cuius? cuius?
Dative cui cui cui cui? cui? cui?
Ablative quo qua quo quo? qua? quo?
Nominative qui que que qui? que? que?
Accusative quos quas que quos? quas? que?
Genitive quorum quarum quorum quorum? quarum? quorum?
Dative quibus quibus quibus quibus? quibus? quibus?
Ablative quibus quibus quibus quibus? quibus? quibus?

Handy hint

The indefinite pronoun is a compound of the relative pronoun with the ending ‘-dam’. The only difference is that the ‘-m’ of the relative pronoun may change to an ‘-n’ before the ‘-dam’ ending.

  Indefinite pronoun
a certain
Singular Masculine Feminine Neuter
Nominative quidam quedam quoddam
Accusative quendam quandam quoddam
Genitive cuiusdam cuiusdam cuiusdam
Dative cuidam cuidam cuidam
Ablative quodam quadam quodam
Nominative quidam quedam quedam
Accusative quosdam quasdam quedam
Genitive quorundam quarundam quorundam
Dative quibusdam quibusdam quibusdam
Ablative quibusdam quibusdam quibusdam

Handy hint

Other indefinite pronouns you may come across in documents include:

quivis, quevis, quodvis
anyone, anything
quisque, queque, quidque
each one, each thing
uterque, utraque, utrumque
each of two
quilibet, quelibit, quodlibet
anyone at all, anything at all


Are you confident with:

  • The meanings of relative, interrogative and indefinite pronouns?
  • The different forms of relative, interrogative and indefinite pronouns?
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