Coronation expenses (part 2)

Record of plans for Charles II’s state procession through London, and the expenses arising from the procession and coronation [23 April 1661] (AO 1/2022/5A).

You can download the full digitised document via Discovery, our online catalogue: State Procession through the City of London


Fine gold thread used by the Embro-
-derer lxvjli viijt oz’ di’
CClxli iiijd
Fine coloured Silke for the same
service vjli viij oz’

xviijli xviijs viijd

Two rich embrodered dockstrings xxxjli
Trim[m]ing two rich embrodered Raines

w[i]th gold Tassells w[i]th ijoe Quincell strings

of silke

xvjli vjs
A rich embrodered leading raine

w[i]th tassells and Buttons

viijli xvjs
Setting on a double Cauled Fringe

makeing up the Foote Cloth and Rybbon

to tye it before

Edgeing and soweing the Furniture

for the Foote Cloth w[i]th gold Fringe and

setting on the Tassells

A large Italian Padd of Spanish

Leather garnished w[i]th gilt Nayles w[i]th

sev[er]all other materialls for the makeing


xvjli xs
Leather for a large Feild Furniture

for the sadle of estate and stirrups



A Cover of Leather lyned w[i]th bayes

for the sadle of estate



Makeing and soweing the said Furni-

-ture being trim[m]ed w[i]th gold Fringe



Large Copper Buckles graven w[i]th the

Crowne Flower de Luce and Rose gilt w[i]th

water gold at xs each



A paire of Holsters of hide leather and

covered w[i]th crimson velvet and covering

a Saker w[i]th crimson velvet



Two rich Plumes of Feathers with

Hearne topps and Falls plated w[i]th sylver



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