Coronation expenses (part 1)

Record of plans for Charles II’s state procession through London, and the expenses arising from the procession and coronation [23 April 1661] (AO 1/2022/5A).

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The Kinges Ma[jes]ties
Royall Entry and
Procession thorow
the Citty of London
the xxijth day of
Aprill 1661

The Declaration of the Accompt of the right
Hon[oura]ble Edward Earle of Sandwich Master of the Kings
Ma[jes]ties great Wardrobe and appointed by his said Ma[jes]ties L[ett]res Pattentes under the
great Seale of England to receave the sum[m]e of Twelve thousand Pound by way of Imprest and upon
Accompt for and towardes the Charge of severall Provisions to be made and p[re]pared for his said Ma[jes]ties
Coronac[i]on the Tenor of w[hi]ch said L[ett]res Pattents is hereafter particularly recited viz Charles the
second by the Grace of God King of England Scotland France and Ireland Defend[e]r of the
Faith etc To the Th[reasu]rer and underth[reasur]er of our Exchequer for the tyme being Greeting Our will
and pleasure is and Wee doe hereby require and authorize you out of our Treasure remaineinge in the
Receipt of our Exchequer to pay or cause to be paid unto our right trusty and welbeloved Cousen and
Councellor Edward Earle of Sandwich Master of our great Wardrobe or his assignes the sum[m]e of Twelve
thousand Poundes of lawfull money of England by way of Imprest upon Accompt for and towardes the
charges of severall Provisions to be made and p[re]pared for our Coronac[i]on. And theis our L[ett]res shall be
your sufficient Warr[an]t and discharge in this behalfe In witnesse whereof we have caused theis our L[ett]res to be
made Pattents Wittnes our selfe at Westminster the xxjth of January in the xijth yeare of our Reigne
That is to say: Aswell for the sum[m]e of Ten thousand sixe hundred foure score and seaven Poundes Nyne
shillings and one Penny by this Accomptant or his assignes received and had out of the Receipt of his Ma[jes]ties
Exchequer in part of the said sum[m]e of xijm li’ imprested to him for and towardes the Charge aforesaid As alsoe
of the issueing expending and laying out of the same and for the buyeing and provideing of sundry Empc[i]ons
and provisions w[i]th sundry Furnitures Goodes and other necc[essa]r[i]es Furnished and provided for his Ma[jes]ties use and
service as of sundry silkes Scarlet and Red cloth and of sundry Liveries provided made up and given to
sundry his Ma[jes]ties serv[an]tes and attend[an]tes against his said Ma[jes]ties royall Entry and procession thorow his Honorable Citty
of London the xxijth day of Aprill in the xiijth yeare of his said Ma[jes]ties Raigne, as alsoe on the day of his
Ma[jes]ties Royall Coronation solemnized the xxiijth day of the same Month of Aprill 1661 As by one Leidger
booke thereof according to the usuall and due Course of the Office of the greate Warderobe expressing the Rates qualityes quantityes and Prizes of all the said Empc[i]ons and Provisions
delivered in upon his said Lord[shi]pps Honor hereupon p[er]used cast tried examined and remaineing doth and may
appeare. Which said Accompt was taken and declared before the Right Hon[oura]ble Thomas Earle of
Southampton Lord High Threasurer of England, Anthony Lord Ashley Chancellor and Underth[reasu]rer of his
Ma[jes]ties Court of Exchequer, and S[i]r Edward Atkins Knight one of the Barons of the same Court the xxiijth
day of February 1664 in the xvijth yeare of the Raigne of our said Soveraigne Lord King Charles the Second etc

That is to say

The said Accomptant is Charged with

Arrerages: None for that this is the first Accompt of this Accomptant taken by us for this service.

But the said Accomptant is charged w[i]th money by him or his

[continues in Coronation expenses (2)]

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