A celebration

Personal letter between brothers, briefly describing great joy at the coronation of Charles II (SP 29/34 f.162-163).

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Deare bro[ther]

I hope before this yow have rec[eive]d the
?…ldinge by my man, w[hi]ch I doe very
much desire to heare howe he proves
and I pray yow send my man whome
w[i]th all speed for, I doe want him
ev[er]y day at Whithaven, I have rec[eive]d
yo[u]r money of Mr Dalton, but he and
I doe very much desire [tha]t yow will see
what yow Cann de w[i]th s[i]r Charles
Herbert about the Lease, if yow doe
any thinge in it, yow must dispatche it
w[i]th all speed, for the ten[an]tes Intends to Come
about it themselves, I pray yow deliv[er]
these Letters to the Comissio[ne]rs for disbandinge
the Army, when they sitt, it is about
my accomptes, for the monthly assessm[en]t
I Longe to heare of the Cerimones at the
Coronation, great Joy is in all the Countrie
heere, Bonfires and Ringinge of Bells
I doubt not but Mr Nicholls is made
Kn[igh]t of the Bath, and in my next, I may
writt Esq[uire] W: wishinge yow all health
and happyness I rest
Yo[u]r faithfull bro[ther]
to serve yow
Geo[rge] Williamson

Carlille 24th
Appr[i]ll 1661

S[i]r ?Patricius wilbe w[i]th yow shortly, but not my Lady
as yett, if my Lady Come, my wife shall Come
a Longe, I am sory if I should any way trouble
Jefferson, [tha]t he have bene any way unhandsome
w[hi]ch yow but I shall desire yow Excuse and pray yow to
send a wyne Licence by my man for Mr Tho[mas] Smith
whoe is an honest freind if my man be disirous to
stay I pray yow that hee ?use yt, for I Cannot want
him nor git such a nother – yo[u]rs G. W.

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