To Her Most Excellent Majesty...

The beautiful, rarely-seen congratulatory addresses in the Privy Purse series (PP 1) were presented to Queen Victoria to celebrate her Golden Jubilee in 1887 and Diamond Jubilee in 1897.

The senders are many and varied, but comprise principally institutions of local government; schools and colleges; social, cultural, educational and religious societies; military and medical establishments; and those of trades associations and manufacturing companies.

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PP1/648/16 Residents of Horetuduwa Panadure Ceylon, 1897

PP1/49/4 Residents of Sutton Coldfield

PP1/636 City of Adelaide

PP1/248/1 Scroll (cropped)

PP1/604/6 Wentworth Historical Society

PP1/222/1 Sheikh Nazeer Hussain of Delhi

PP1/240/1 Widow of Admiral Sir Thomas Symonds, GCB

PP1/432 City of Norwich

PP1/222/3 Tradesmen of Perak District of Malaya

PP1/225/2 City of Manchester

PP1/349/2 National Society for Women's Suffrage

PP1/371/2/1 Honourable Artillery Company of Massachusetts

PP 1/641 Children and teachers of the Public School of Brunswick, Western Australia

PP1/222/4 Emperor of China

PP1/272 Commissioners for Sewers Caldicott and Wentlodge Monmouthshire

PP1/41/2 Women subjects and servants in the UK

PP1/340/1 Aberdeen

PP1/19/3 City of Worcester

PP 1/47 Boys on board the reformatory ship Cornwall

PP 1/362 British subjects resident at Samoa

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