You are required to use standard terms and conditions for any licences you issue for the re-use of your material.

Below you will find examples of licences that you may adapt to meet your organisation's requirements.

Free licences

Most information produced, collated or held across the public sector should be available for re-use free of charge under standard terms and conditions, particularly if it is already available in digital form from your website.

The standard licence for public sector information is the Open Government Licence, which is a common open licence model which can be adopted across the UK public sector.

For more information about making information available for re-use under the Open Government Licence, see our Guidance for information providers.

Charged licences

For other material, such as material of a more commercial nature, you may want to charge for its re-use.

Example of a charged licence for public sector information (DOC, 0.09Mb)

If you do want to charge for re-use you can do so, recovering the cost of producing and providing the document and including, if you wish, a reasonable return on investment. You will also have to make sure that you are transparent about how any such charge is arrived at.

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