Listed below are the forms you will have to complete at stages three (Applying for closure on transfer) and five (Delivery of digital records to The National Archives) of the transfer process.

There is also a digital transfer factsheet and metadata factsheet, which will give you a quick rundown of the digital transfer process and an explanation of why metadata is important; and additional guidance to help you with redaction and inform you about suitable file formats for transfer.

Guidance and forms

Digital records transfer form and checklist (January 2013) (DOC, 0.08Mb)

Delivery form for digital records (July 2013) (DOC, 0.13Mb)

Closure on transfer application form for digital records (January 2013) (XLS, 0.02Mb)

Redaction toolkit (PDF, 0.18Mb)

Suitable file formats for transfer to The National Archives (PDF, 0.09Mb)

This page contains DOC, XLS, PDF files. See plug-ins and file formats for help in accessing these file types.