Guidance by role

We have developed role-specific guidance for those involved in managing digital continuity.

Digital continuity SRO

If you are a Senior Responsible Owner (SRO), you are responsible for implementing digital continuity across your organisation. Find out more in our factsheet below. For a starting guide of what to do, you should first read Managing Digital Continuity:

The Digital Continuity SRO factsheet (PDF, 0.16Mb)

Managing Digital Continuity (PDF, 0.31Mb)

Digital continuity is about ensuring your information remains usable through change. This is also part of Stage 4: Maintaining your continuity. Read the guidance below to help you manage and protect your digital continuity through change.

Change Management for Digital Continuity SROs (PDF, 0.19Mb)

Go to the individual pages on managing digital continuity for more hands-on guidance to help you complete each stage.


If you are a Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO) find more information and resources here. You may also be responsible for forensic readiness in your organisation. If so, read our guidance:

Digital Continuity to Support Forensic Readiness  (PDF, 0.09Mb)


For information on your specific role in managing digital continuity, see the factsheet IAOs and Digital Continuity below.

IAOs and Digital Continuity (PDF, 0.17Mb)

Change managers

If you are involved in managing change in your organisation (you may be a change manager, risk manager or project manager), read the guidance below to find out why your information is at risk during times of change and how you can make sure your information is protected.

Digital Continuity for Change Managers (PDF, 0.17Mb)

IT Service Managers

This White Paper explains what IT service providers, and key points of contact with external IT suppliers, need to do to manage digital continuity in relation to their business activities.

ITIL White Paper (PDF, 0.51Mb)

Procurement managers

This guidance helps procurement managers to maintain the digital continuity of information when updating ICT services contracts or creating new ones.

Digital Continuity in ICT Services Procurement and Contract Management (PDF, 0.14Mb)