Implementation guides

These guides are for staff in public authorities who are responsible for records management and, in particular, for compliance with the records management code issued under section 46 of the Freedom of Information Act.

They provide an introduction to records management concepts, explain the good practice recommendations in the Code and give guidance on how to apply them within an organisation. They are aimed at people with little or no experience or knowledge of records management.

There is a guide for each of the nine good practice recommendations in the Code and also an introductory guide. Five of the ten guides in the series have been issued:

The remaining guides are currently being developed:

  • Guide 5: Records systems
  • Guide 6: Storage and maintenance of records
  • Guide 7: Security and access
  • Guide 9: Records created in the course of collaborative working or through out-sourcing
  • Guide 10: Monitoring and reporting on records management

The guides draw on guides written by Margaret Crockett to support implementation of the Code issued in 2002. These guides are available in the UK Government Web Archive.