Who should manage the change

Both the transferring and receiving organisations will need a project management team who should manage the change and oversee the transfer of people and functions.

These two project teams should form a joint team to manage the handover of information and records. This team should work closely with the overall project management team and should  include:

  • the Departmental Record Officers and other records, information management and knowledge management staff
  • internal and external IT personnel
  • information security teams

Both organisations should make adequate budgetary provision for this work.

The team managing the handover of information and records should identify and arrange for the transfer of relevant paper and digital records. It should also ensure the transition of informal knowledge. It must also ensure that processes and decisions around information management are carefully and consistently documented. This team should also seek expert advice (from organisation or department lawyers and the Information Policy team at The National Archives) on issues of the legal status of information being loaned or transferred beyond a Crown body.

Existing knowledge management tools such as staff directories and intranets should be used to ease the transition between the two organisations.