Information Management Self-Assessment Tool

The Information Management Self-Assessment Tool has been developed to assist government organisations in self-assessing the effectiveness of their approach to information and records management. The aim is to extend the benefits of assessment beyond the government departments that we target for a full Information Management Assessment to a wider government/public sector audience.

The tool is free to use and is divided into five modules which will give you the flexibility to target the assessment in the areas where you need it most. Questions are in a simple multiple choice format and results include an overall RAG rating for each area and feedback on what actions could be taken to improve. There is an additional end user questionnaire which will enable you to build up a picture of how information and records are being managed out in the business.

Feedback is designed to help you improve your organisation’s approach to information management. Ideally these points should be used to create an action plan which also documents appropriate owners for each activity and timescales for completion.

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