Good practice and lessons learned

The following good practice and lessons learned reports will be updated periodically as further IMAs are conducted.


Foreword to the reports by Philip Rycroft, Second Permanent Secretary, Head of UK Governance Group in Cabinet Office.

Good practice report

This report provides good examples that have been identified for the period 2008-16.

The report has been split into sections. The examples that are used have been chosen to reflect the main areas covered in an IMA and are aligned to the current structure of our reports.

  1. The value of information (PDF, 0.27 Mb)
  2. Information and supporting technology (PDF, 0.26 Mb)
  3. Information risk and governance (PDF, 0.31 Mb)
  4. Policy, guidance and oversight (PDF, 0.28 Mb)
  5. Records, review and transfer (PDF, 0.24 Mb)

Good practice report summary (PDF, 0.43 Mb)

Lessons learned report

This report sets out the most common information and records management issues that The National Archives has found as part of our IMA programme between 2008-14.  It draws on the IMA reports, action plans and formal progress reviews that we have published on The National Archives website since 2009.

Lessons learned report (PDF, 0.66 Mb)