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Human Rights

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A complete list of all the supporting documents for the time periods between 1215 and 1945.

1848 - 1914

Leaflet describing the force-feeding of Suffragettes in prison

Date: 1909. Catalogue reference: HO 144/1052/187234

The Women's Social and Political Union

Head Office: 4, Clements Inn, Strand, W.C.
Telegraphic Address: "Wospolu, London."
Telephone No. 2724 Holborn (three lines).
  • Founder and Hon. Secretary - Mrs. Pankhurst.
  • Hon. Treasurer - Mrs. Pethick Lawrence.
  • Joint Hon. Secretary - Mrs. Tuke.
  • Organising Secretary - Miss Christabel Pankhurst, LL.B.
  • Publishing Office - The Woman’s Press.
  • Newspaper - Votes For Women.
  • Bankers - Messrs. Barclay & Co., Fleet Street, E.C.
  • Colours - Purple, White & Green.

Two Englishwomen, unconvicted prisoners on remand in an English prison (Walton Gaol, Liverpool), have been assaulted, knocked down, gagged, fed by force, kept for consecutive days and nights in irons. One of them has been frog-marched . Frog-marched! What does that mean? Read the story.

The Facts.

On December 20th Miss Selina Martin and Miss Leslie Hall were arrested in Liverpool, and were remanded for one week, bail being refused.

Accordingly, while still unconvicted prisoners, they were sent to Walton Gaol, Liverpool. There, contrary to regulations, intercourse with their friends was denied to them. As unconvicted prisoners they refused to submit to the prison discipline or to take the prison food. Forcible feeding was threatened and Miss Martin therefore barricaded her cell. The officials, however, effected an entrance, fell upon her and handcuffed her, dragged her to a punishment cell and flung her on the floor, with her hands tightly fastened together behind her back.

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